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Summary Review by ShopEasy
Service 1/2
Site Quality 1/2
Overall Quality 1/2
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 Store Name Service Value Shipping Site Quality Overall Quality EasyScore
Adam & Eve 9 8 10 9 9 8.9
EasyScore has been designed exclusively for use by ShopEasy. Using a proprietary algorithm, various aspects of customer satisfaction are combined into one easy-to-use number. Scores of 8.5 or higher are considered exceptional, scores of 7.5-8.4 are considered good, and scores of 6-7.4 or lower are considered fair. Sites with a rating below 6 are not featured on ShopEasy.

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Detailed Review by ShopEasy
Service: (9/10). Our customers contribute reports that are consistently filled with moans of pleasure when it comes to service at Adam & Eve. This indicates that problems are quickly rectified and handled in a courteous manner. If there is an error on the website, if information about an item is incorrect, or if an order is shipped incorrectly, Adam & Eve customer service representatives are well trained to solve problems, without causing any more. In addition, there is a link to customer service, both phone and email, at the top of every Adam & Eve page. And for private individuals, shipping discretely is an extremely high priority, please check the website for all the details.

Value: (8/10). At Adam & Eve, value depends on two simple factors: the quality of an item, and its price. In this category, Adam & Eve has earned a very solid score. No matter what you are in search of, from condoms to the most sophisticated ceiling harness, you can count on Adam & Eve to have it all in stock, twenty-four hours a day, and in your excited hands ASAP. Being assured of finding your desired item, and knowing you are getting a deal on it further increases the value of Adam & Eve. The quality of the items you receive is high, while prices are kept low.

Shipping: (10/10). While most comparison websites ignore shipping, we feel that it is one of the most important components when it comes to deciding which online store deserves your business. We understand that shipping adult products is especially sensitive. We are extremely happy to report that Adam & Eve earns the highest possible marks in this category. They ship items discreetly, the boxes are plain, and no hint of their contents or store of origin is given on the box. They even bill your credit card discreetly! This category also takes into account that Adam & Eve items arrive on time, in good condition, and correctly fulfilled. Shop with confidence.

Site Quality: (9/10). Our score indicates that shopping online at Adam & Eve is a pleasant and efficient experience, not something that can be said for most online vendors. The site is easy to navigate, and simple and uncluttered, meaning you are not bombarded with irrelevant information. We also think the styling of the site is fantastic and in keeping with the Adam & Eve aesthetic. Which, honestly, is pretty hot. Checking-out is simple and self-explanatory. This is a first class online store utilizing the latest technology. They offer thousands of items, yet finding what you want is amazingly easy and enjoyable.

Overall Quality: (9/10). This category is less easy to define, and is meant to capture the intangibles that the other categories do not reflect. It's more subjective, allowing our users to make a decision on the overall feeling of the entire Adam & Eve experience. One aspect that gives Adam & Eve a high overall score is their unparalleled Triple Guarantee: If you are not happy with your items out of the box, return them for a full refund with no questions asked. If after 90 days, you are not satisfied, you can return items for a refund, alternate items, or replacements. You can return a defective or malfunctioning item anytime. A nine here indicates that at Adam & Eve, your shopping experience will be satisfying, hopefully over and over again and all night long. Finding the right item, for yourself or as a gift, is pleasant and efficient. It also indicates that should any problems arise, customers are happy with the response of the customer service representatives, and the return policies are clear and extraordinarily generous. You know you want to, so you might as well get shopping.    

At ShopEasy.biz, we do everything we can to find our customers the most outstanding, high-quality and service-oriented shopping sites in existence. The amount of choice on the web is easily overwhelming, and we strive to deliver to our customers only the best that the web has to offer. Quite simply, our own research and the reports coming in from customers all indicate that when it?s time to get busy, Adam & Eve is an unbeatably titillating online shopping venue.

We care so much about delivering our customers the best of the web, we hold drawings to ensure our customers give us reports on their experiences. As part of our Summer Giveaway Series, we are selecting from our group of customer submissions and reviews, and rewarding one lucky user with a $30 gift certificate they can use to satisfy your deepest desires. It does not matter if the report is dominant or submissive; we just want your honest opinion! So please take a moment at the bottom of the page to let us know what you think and be automatically entered into the drawing.

We have devised five separate categories that we feel are necessary elements in any successful online commerce website. Those elements are service (which Adam & Eve, is especially talented at), value, shipping, site quality, and overall quality. We take these elements, and combine them into a proprietary EasyScore?, a weighted formula that delivers an accurate, easy to compare numerical score that gives more attention to certain aspects based on customer priority.

User Reviews
"I was so excited when my box arrived! The discreet shipping was fast and worked perfectly. But not as well as my purchases worked for my wife that night!"

"Adam and Eve is exactly what I needed! I feel so naughty when I get the packages an no one knows what they are! This online shop allows me to be everything I need to be a mother, an executive, and one amazing wife all at the same time."

"yes Yes YES! Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to get the things I?ve always wanted (but would be WAY to embarrassed to buy in a store). Keep up the good work and the great tips!"

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